Part 8 – The Alpha Male – The Secret to Success

The Alpha Male is:

1, The Recruit Magnet.
2. The Promotion Builder.
3. The Owner of the Fat Wallet.
We’re having a little fun with the FAT WALLET. The fat
wallet is a symbol of success. It naturally flows to
successful Network Marketers. It is a by-product of being an
Alpha Male.
Besides the money stuffing the fat wallet, MLM Success is
the pride of knowing you had a major impact on many people’s
lives. Some of those people have grown beyond their hopes.
They have touched other people lives. They have the time and
financial freedom to give more of themselves.
To be the Alpha Male is to have a strong bedrock of traits
that others want to emulate.
It is the posture that people notice about the Alpha Male.
People see the confidence. They see the power. They see the
aura of success that surrounds the Alpha Male.
For some people, it is not difficult to act the part of the
Alpha. Those are the posers – the short-term puppet leaders.
The true Alpha Male deserves his leadership role. His
Posture, his actions, are reinforced by the foundation of:
1. Big Dreams
2. Commitment
3. Passion
4. Giving
5. Fearlessness
6. Edification
This foundation makes it almost natural to act like an Alpha
Male. Real Leaders, born or made, naturally attract people.
These attracted people see someone going where they want to
go and they want to hitch a ride. They hope they will be
pulled along in the Leader’s wake. They hope they will reach
the fat wallet by trying to keep up with the leader.
So, a poser can act the part, but doesn’t have the means to
keep it up.
The true Alpha is pushed into his role by his strength. The
Alpha Male Wolf is bigger and stronger than the rest of the
wolves. He is better equipped to provide and protect the
wolf pack.
The Alpha MLMer is qualified, or becomes qualified, to
provide and protect his team of distributors. He brings the
tools and provides the environment that distributors need to
reach their goals.
What this all means is that if you want the Fat Wallet and
all that goes with it, you need to become an Alpha Male in
your team.
One note of differentiation between a wolf pack and an MLM
Team. The wolf pack can have only one Alpha at a time. The
MLM Team thrives with multiple Alphas.
You can see that all aspects of the Alpha Male in Network
Marketing can be learned.
Now you know what it takes, take a close look at yourself
and discover where you really are. Develop those areas were
you are weak. Keep working and learning and growing. Build
your foundation and allow it to shine with your posture.
Let your Alpha Male out.
Surprise. It’s not over yet. Wait till you see the next

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