Part 6 – Fear – Do what is uncomfortable

Excitement drives network marketing success. But fear is
like the parking brake in a car. Once it is set, nothing
moves until it is released.
But fear can be a wonderful thing also.
Back in prehistoric times, fear gave hunters the adrenaline
rush to stand and fight, or to escape, the charging
saber-toothed tiger. Today, the adrenaline rush of facing
fear is a major source of entertainment.
Why are roller coasters getting bigger? Why is adventure
travel a growth industry? Why are horror movies so popular?
People feel alive when facing fear.
Overcoming fear is one of the most liberating experiences on
But fear is also one of the most crippling things on earth.
Fear keeps people stuck where they would be better off not
being. The battered wife is the extreme example. She may
know she may die if she stays, but she is afraid that she
could not get by on her own, so she stays.
There’s a lot more involved than that, but the gist of the
story is that many people are more comfortable staying in a
bad situation they know than stepping into the unknown and
possible salvation.
But, just like many people embrace an adrenaline rush to
feel alive, much success is achieved by doing what you fear
the most.
There is much, many people fear in network marketing because
it is foreign to them.. But, just like the thrill of the
roller coaster dropping over the top and racing straight
down,, the thrill of opening your mouth to talk to someone
you have been avoiding and getting a great prospect is very
For many new recruits taking that first step to share their
new business is like stepping out of the airplane on their
first parachute jump. Actually it might be scarier. Most
people that get to the door of the airplane take that step
into thin air.
Most new network marketers do not take their step into the
unknown of sharing their business enough to have a chance to
This is where the importance of the leader really shows up.
Great leaders help new distributors release their parking
brake to get moving. The better job the leader does at
easing the new distributors into getting started, the more
success they all have. This could be the single most
important job of the MLM Leader.
The whole theory behind MLM is for a lot of  people to do a
little. In actual practice, only a few distributors do a
lot. If a great leader can get more new distributors past
their fear to get started well, then everyone will have more
Getting new distributors started well is the quickest way to
build large team. It also builds the framework that keeps
distributors in the business. You could say that is the
formula to the fat wallet.
Lots of distributors + Quick Success = Large team
Large team + high retention = Fat Wallet
So, all you leaders, and leaders to be, do your best to get
your new distributors the comfort level to do this business
and you will be rewarded beyond your dreams.

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