Part 5 – Give – Help others get what they want

MLM is not about creating a cult of followers blindly going

where their messiah leads.
Success in Network Marketing has nothing to with you. If you
and your goals are your focus, you will lose any power you
have to lead.
MLM is a unique business that attracts people who want more
from their lives. They are dreamers, or at least hopers, of
a better life. In the short run, they may be convinced to
follow a strong leader’s egotistical path. But it won’t
Zig Zigler is famous for saying, “If you help enough other
people what they want, you get what you want.”
If you take Zig’s quote to heart you are on the right path
to network marketing success.
People exploring network marketing expect more from their
life than they are getting. Many of these people are already
successful, at some level. But they see that there are ways
to improve their and their family’s lives.
The best recruits are on a mission. Most others, at least
have an itch, to improve the lives.
As a leader, you need to look at your MLM business from your
distributor’s eyes. When you can appreciate where they are
coming from and where they want to go, you have an idea on
how best to serve them.
The typical idea of leadership is that the charismatic
personality, take the followers where the leader wants them
to go. That is the model of the Hitler’s of the world.
Hitler had a huge following and greatly affected history.
But how did he maintain his influence? Fear and coercion,
that’s how. Even his insiders where afraid they might not
wake up one day.
A distributor has the choice, everyday, of whether or not he
or she is going to continue to pursue their MLM business.
There is no Gestapo keeping them in the ranks. If the
distributors goals are not being met, they leave.
If you are going to earn the fat wallet, it is imperative
for you to give the distributors what the want.
The structure of network marketing makes this natural. The
compensation plans of all MLM companies are designed in this
fashion. It takes a lot of people, having a least a little
success, to create a huge income.
The whole idea is too give your distributors the tools and
environment to achieve their own goals. The better job you
do at helping your distributors gain the success they are
looking for the better off you will be.
Now that we see that giving is one of the secrets to
success. The next secret is how fear keeps you from
achieving MLM Success.


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