Part 4 – Passion – Excitement

“I’m so excited!”

Those are the first words spoken many times at MLM meetings.
There is a reason for that. If you had the money and freedom
that MLM Leaders have, you would be excited too.
The MLM Promise is that anyone can make money, has been
proven as fact. That does not mean every one will. If you
look at every person who doesn’t make money, you will see
someone who hasn’t seriously worked the business long
Once success begins in your business, your company debit
card gets money added to it every Friday. That’s pretty
exciting. When you start making more than you are making
from you real job or business, that’s exciting. When you are
sipping a Pina Colada on a deserted beach and you are making
money, that’s really exciting.
How would you like to call in well to your work? Calling in
well is when you call in to work and tell them you are doing
so well you no longer need to come in to work. You can’t
tell me that isn’t the most exciting day in many people’s
And, do you know what is even more exciting? You get help
other people do the same thing. WOW!!!
You have the time, money and friends to whatever you want.
The American Dream is that it doesn’t matter who you are,
where you come from or what your circumstances are, you have
the chance to achieve. The MLM Dream is like the American
Dream on steroids.
It doesn’t matter if you are not there yet. All you have to
do is learn, work and grow. The opportunity is there. You
may get involved in a bad company, bad timing, bad upline or
bad whatever. It doesn’t matter. Keep learning, keep working
and keep growing into your leadership role and you will
If that doesn’t excite you, then you probably do not belong
in MLM. You would be more comfortable getting a good paying,
steady job.  And that’s OK.
We’re talking about what is takes t be a good MLM Leader and
being excited about the Big Residual Check is an important
characteristic of being a Leader. The big check is what the
majority of people are looking for when they look seriously
at network marketing. If that doesn’t excite you too, they
will not choose you to lead them to their goals.
The 3rd Secret to being a good leader is; be excited about
your distributors want. To remain a leader your have lead
the people where they want to go.
Being excited about going where your distributors want to go
attracts distributors in droves. This is how big
organizations are built and fat wallets are created.

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