Part 3 – Commitment – In for the long haul

What you do, everyday, determines whether or not you will
end up with a fat wallet.
It’s easy to get really excited about your new $1,000,000
business. It’s going to great to build an infinite
down-line. It’s going to be fun going on all those bonus
trips to exotic destinations.
But a month goes by, and you have no distributors, and you
quit or maybe, just fade away.
That’s the story of 97% of network marketers. They never
really get anywhere. For sure they never get the financial
freedom they were all excited about when joining.
The problem is they never made the commitment to do the
business. They hoped the business would do it for them.
Like anything worthwhile, MLM success takes time. Unless you
commit the time and effort to learn this business, you are
just playing.
Some say 80% of success is just showing up. That’s only part
of the story. Learning and growing while showing up, is the
whole story. That is what real commitment is all about.
A few people seem to be over-night success in their
networking business. They recruit enough people in their
first week to be profitable. At the end of the first month
they’ve already earned a promotion or two. By the end of
first year, they are making $100,000’s.
These people, by virtue of their non-MLM lives, are already
leaders with a following. They are able to share their new
business with their associates and they are off to the
These so called over-night successes spent years creating a
network of associates that respected them. Since they
already had a group of people that listened to them it was
easy to get a fast start. They have already committed their
lives to building a foundation for MLM success, without even
knowing it.
If you don’t have a network of trusting associates, you must
develop one. And that takes time. When the fast-starters run
out of their warm market, they too, have to create a new
network of contacts. And that can be difficult and
Getting to the point where you have to create new contacts
for your list is a make or break point that only the truly
committed overcome. New skills and attitudes need to be
developed. If you are quiet and shy, you need to develop a
means of attracting the interest of other people. If you are
the aggressive used car salesman type, you need to learn to
listen and help people get what they want.
Once you are committed to learning these new skills, you, as
a leader, must provide the atmosphere that breeds the
commitment of your distributors to also learn these skills.
Since MLM success is based on the principle of a lot of
people doing a little, you must build a large team. To get
the fat wallet you must have a group of committed
distributors to help create that large team.
The best distributors, the leaders in training, have their
own commitment. They will do what needs to done, even if you
Most distributors, however, do what their leaders do. As a
leader it is your job to encourage commitment in your
distributors by showing that you are committed.
This business succeeds as a business model because it
provides a framework for people to grow into what is
required to be successful. This isn’t Harvard Law School
where they are trying to get rid of all but the very most
qualified, by their standards.
Networking Marketing is a simple business. It does not
require unique gifts of talent or knowledge. It does,
however, require doing things that are foreign to most new
distributors. By plugging into the companies system, new
distributors learn what to do and hopefully how to do it.
All that takes effort. It takes your commitment, everyday,
to do whatever it takes, however long it takes. By making
that commitment you will become the leader it takes to
create the team that will allow you to earn the fat wallet.
Next, we talk about how getting excited is the 3rd Secret of
an MLM Leader.

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