Part 2 – Big Dream – The Need for a Big Dream

Which habit is harder to break – a 30-year, 2 pack-a-day
smoking habit, or smoking one cigarette at an occasional
Everybody knows it’s no contest. Supreme effort is required
to break the 30-year habit; while a casual thought could be
enough if you only smoke the occasional single cigarette.
Too many people join a MLM company with a casual thought. It
sounds good. They have a nice product. Maybe I can make some
extra money, too.
If all you want is a little extra money that may be OK. But
you are not reading this to make a little extra. You want a
lot extra. You want walk away money. You want financial
freedom. You want wealth.
It’s hard to say if becoming wealthy is easier or harder
than quitting a long-term smoking habit. But both require
great effort. Both require overcoming difficult obstacles.
Both require doing what needs to be done, even when you
don’t want to do it.
For some smokers death isn’t enough of a reason to stop
smoking. For some people living a life of barely getting by
or worse is not enough to do what is necessary to make money
in MLM.
Those people lack a strong enough reason to change their
lives. They have a small dream, or worse yet, no dream at
It takes a big dream to go beyond your self. It takes a big
dream to do what you would rather not do. It takes a big
dream to keep after it when things get tough.
And that’s just for you.
To get the fat wallet in MLM you have to be a leader. You
have to show the way to success to the people who came in
with a casual thought. You have to show them the way to go
beyond their expectations. And even more importantly you
have guide other people with big dreams.
To lead your team of distributors to achieve their goals,
your dream has to be big and strong enough that your group
catch it too. Just telling them you are going to make a
$1,000,000 doesn’t do anything for them. Your dream must be
big enough that they can sense to power of your belief in
your dream.
When your dream is big enough and powerful enough, you will
find a few people to buy into your dream to let you lead
them to their goals. When that happens you have found your
core people that will allow you to reach your dreams.

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