Abundance is a funny subject. It is not understood by many
people. Abundance is defined by Websters as “more than
sufficient quantity.” One of the key beliefs of many success
trainers is that there “is more than sufficient quantity”
of opportunity and/or resources available for everyone to
live the life of their dreams.

Dr. Wattles in The Science of Getting Rich says that anything
desired (thought) is created out of the ether. If you are a
Star Trek fan it’s like using the Replicator. Think (request)
of a cup of Earl Grey tea with a lemon slice at 180 degrees F
in a glass mug, lightly sweetened. A moment later it appears
ready for that delicious first sip.

The Replicator of science fiction may one day exist, but today
the principle is working in real life. A great example is the
oil crisis of the 70’s and 80’s. If you are old enough to
remember, the American gas buyer was told, while waiting in a
block long line, for the privilege to buy five gallons of gas,
all the available reserves of oil would be gone by the year 2000.
Well here we are in 2014 and have greater oil reserves than
ever before.

Food is another example. We now have 6 Billion people on earth.
While many are starving in undeveloped countries, the cause is
not lack of food, but the  lack of a system to get it to them.
Thirty years ago population growth was expected surpass the
planet’s ability to feed everyone.

It seems to be – when the need arises it is filled. It may not
be filled as expected, but it is filled. Oil reserves are likely
to be exhausted someday, but it is energy that we want not oil,
and energy will come from other sources in quantities far beyond
what is used today. That is the idea of abundance.

At the personal level the principle says “whatever you want is
available to you.” Isn’t that wonderful, wish and it is so. It’s
not quite that easy. There is one caveat and that is you have to
earn it. You have to earn it like everything else in life.

That’s the great thing, whatever you want and are willing to pay
the price for can be yours. That can be a very liberating belief
and at the same time very challenging personally. Now there are
no excuses either. If you are willing to pay the price, then all
you have to do is do it, in the way that works, long enough and
it’s yours.

In this way most things are no longer competitive. Since there
is enough for every one, there is no need to try to beat the
other person. Every deal can be a fair exchange of value, you
get what you want and I get what I want. It is the ultimate
win-win situation.

If you want to be the best in/at something then you put yourself
into the competitive arena and have compete with others who are
also willing to pay the price.  At any given time there can be
only one winner, but there are other days. Also, being able to
compete makes you a winner. Knowing you put it all on the line
and did your best makes you a winner.

It may not feel that way when you look up and see someone else
on the winner’s platform. Being first is great but using all
your talents and resources available to you makes you a winner
in life. You gain all of the benefits of being in the game, but
maybe not all the benefits of the first place finisher.

You cannot control the end result of most things. That is the
result of many outside factors. What you can control is what
you put in, and that is what makes you a winner. Give it
everything you’ve got and you are have used your talent and
resources to the best of your abilities and you win.

Abundance does not mean that everyone can win the Olympics.
It does mean that everyone can be in the game up the the level
of their talent, resources and willingness to do whatever is
necessary to compete.

Abundance of wealth means everyone willing to pay the price
can be wealthy. Only 3% of Americans are wealthy. If that figure
were to change to 97% the idea of scarcity and competition
would make people think there would not be enough to go around
for 97% of the people. But what would happen is that more people
would have more money to buy more goods and services so more
people would be making more money by providing those good and

That is what abundance is all about. Plenty for everyone,
providing they are willing to pay the price.

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