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If you read theGE DIGITAL CAMERA Introduction to my book, I Desire Success, you will see where the philosophy for the book came from. You can read the Introduction for free at Amazon.com. Search books for I Desire Success. On the book’s page, click on Look Inside. (shameless plug  😉 ).

My name is Russ Stiffler. I am a two-time World Record Holder and coach of World and National Champions. That success came from being introduced to and expanding on a system that created success in everyone that embraced it.

Embraced it is the key. From the epiphany described in the Introduction of I Desire Success, I knew the importance of desire from an early age. My competing and coaching reinforced that knowledge. My awareness of the importance of desire caused me to look for differences in peoples levels of desire. I made it a quest to figure out what could be done to help people increase their desire. With increased desire came the willingness to do what is necessary for success.

Years ago I quit water skiing for 6 months to write the book. The ideas where there but the execution was not good. Later I developed a 2 year course that integrated the concepts of I Desire Success into a person’s daily life. I think it was very good. If followed it would produce results. But who wants a two-year course in today’s MTV world. With more experience and percolation in the brain I had one of those slap yourself in the head moments.

If at 13 years of age I can have an epiphany in the time it takes to cross the goal line in a game of touch football, why does someone need to spend two years to hope for the same. Lol it only took me lifetime to get what I hawl5d already experienced. In an instant … that’s how long it can take to change your life … in an instant.

But he question is what does it take to create that instant?

In my coaching I have had students have a break-through practice session and then ask me why I have never told them that before. And this is after they have heard that same thing thousands of time, but maybe said in a little different way. Have you ever experienced that?

As a  student and as a coach, I have found that the person must be ready to receive the information before they can have that AH HA moment. The purpose of I Desire Success is to give your thoughts a different way to think about things that you may have heard before. And maybe the book will be the key that opens the door  for your AH HA moment.


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