Pull Back the Curtain

Most people today are like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ before the tornado touched down in Kansas. Some people are on the yellow brick road searching for the Wizard. And a few, the 1%ers, the wealthy, have pulled back the curtain and know that they already have control.

Which one are you?

The World Economy is like the myth of the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard is portrayed as all powerful and all knowing. The economy is seems to be booming with the stock market setting new records.

The people in Kansas, in the story, have never heard of the Wizard. Just like most people today have never heard of the BRICS Bank. That’s no big deal for either group. Their daily lives are not affected.

But there is tornado coming. Dorothy and Toto run for shelter. If they were really prepared with a strong cellar, the world would have lost a great story. The storm warnings are out for the economy. Most financial experts are saying the economy is looking to take a ferocious battering that will destroy the value of money. Just one of those indicators is the U.S. National Debt. How is it going to paid off? And by who? That by itself equals the highest rated storm.

Dorothy in the storm cellar and the 1%ers have prepared ahead of time. They come out after the tornado alive and well and see the devastation around them left by the storm.

But Dorothy finds herself on the yellow brick road, chased by “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” People who lived through the bubble of 08 are chased by the specter of stock market crashes and bail-outs and bail-ins. If you don’t know what a bail-in is, it could be scarier than all the lions and tigers and bears.

They are both looking to get home safely. Along the way Dorothy and companions seek courage, a heart and a brain. After 08 some people are still seeking to regain all that they lost.

Dorothy is awed by the beauty of the Emerald City and power of the Wizard. People today feel safe by the soaring stock market and low gas prices. Life is wonderful.

Pulling back the curtain however, Dorothy destroys the myth and power of The Wizard of Oz. Digging behind the public perception of the strong economy you will discover that it is all smoke and mirrors just like the Wizard.

Dorothy and crew discover that they had the power all along. Her crew showed courage, heart and brains just to stand before the wizard. All Dorothy had to do was to click her heels together and say “there is no place like home” to get home.

Today you too have the power to be prepared like the 1%ers. Pull back the curtain and click your heels, Call 770-278-9595 now for a 20 minute recorded call that will destroy the myth and give you your own yellow brick road to follow to secure control your and your families financial future.


Which side are you on?

You have heard the saying, “no choice is still a choice.”

We are at a place where your choice/no choice will affect the rest of your lives.

There has been a semi-secret war going on and the experts agree on who is going to win. It is just a matter of time before it’s effect is felt by you and me. The great thing is there is still time to choose to be on the winning side.

If you don’t want to lose all your money by choosing the losing side listen to the following recorded message.



Abundance is a funny subject. It is not understood by many
people. Abundance is defined by Websters as “more than
sufficient quantity.” One of the key beliefs of many success
trainers is that there “is more than sufficient quantity”
of opportunity and/or resources available for everyone to
live the life of their dreams.

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Blow Your Top!

Success is the result of certain habits and attitudes. There is no mystery; no secret society you must join. It is a mathematic equation: Think certain thoughts + do certain things = success.

If you look, these success habits and attitudes are everywhere. Yours for the taking. However, to work for you they must be internalized. They must become a part of you, your natural way.

To make this internalization process work for you, you must focus on the habit/attitude long enough for it to sink in. Focus + Time = Internalization.

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